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ShoreZone provides a baseline inventory of the biology and geology for the entire Pacific coast, from Oregon to Alaska. The maps, coastal data, and images can be used for coastal management, including adaptation planning, restoration, conservation, recreation, and more. Climate-induced processes are contributing to dynamic coastal changes, like increasing storm frequency, coastal erosion, habitat loss, and impacts to culturally significant coastal resources. ShoreZone can assist coastal managers with data to support planning and response efforts. Example uses of the ShoreZone tool include: National Park Service marine debris clearing projects, studies of coastal resources and traditional gathering areas, and estuarine habitat classification. 


Requires the ability to download Adobe Flash Player, view video, and download images. User guides and tutorials are available.


An easily accessed online map tool used to navigate spatially referenced images and videos of the entire Pacific Coast. The map allows users to explore and isolate areas of interest.




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