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Allen Casey

Allen Casey is the NRCS co-lead for the USDA Southeast Climate Hub and a Regional Plant Materials Specialist with the NRCS East National Technology Support Center in Greensboro, NC.  As a Regional Plant Materials Specialist Allen assists the 25 NRCS Plant Materials Centers across the region and country to coordinate and develop studies and projects to bring new conservation plant materials and technologies to farmers, ranchers, and foresters.  Allen has worked in rangeland/grazing ecology, wetland ecology, agronomy, cover crops, native plants, pollinator plants, and soil health and provided training to farmers, agency staff, and partners.  As co-lead for the SE Hub, Allen’s focus is to deliver strategies and materials to farmers, ranchers, and other land use managers that help increase operational resilience.

Allen Casey, NRCS Co-lead


  • NRCS Co-lead
  • NRCS Regional Plant Materials Specialist


USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service


2901 East Gate City Blvd.
Greensboro, NC 27401-4901

Phone Number

(336) 370-3340


Focus Area