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Renai Nez

Renai Nez is a contract Research Assistant and Region 8 Support Lead with the USDA Southeast Climate Hub.  Renai holds a bachelor’s degree in Conservation Ecology from New Mexico State University and a master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University.  Her work with the Hub focuses on supporting forest health, climate change impacts, and ecosystem services, through education and development of various resources such as webinars, workshops, manuals, and study guides.  Renai engages with landowners and natural resource managers to help inform decision making and restoring resilient forests.

Renai Nez, Environmental Technician


  • Research Assistant


Unified Business Solutions, USDA Forest Service


3041 East Cornwallis Road
RTP, NC 27709

Phone Number



Focus Area

  • Planning for resilient forests
  • Salinization on coastal working lands
  • Community engagement efforts