Climate Perspectives (CLIMPER)

Screen grab from the Southeast Regional Climate Center's Southeast Climate Perspectives website
The Climate Perspectives (CLIMPER) tool allows users to assess how recent weather and climate at a given weather station compares with prior time periods (e.g. days, weeks, months or years) in the climatological record. The daily updated climatological information allows the user to readily assess the extremes of an ongoing weather event, or regime (e.g. exceptionally hot, cold or wet conditions) by comparing it with the historical record during the same calendar period. The user can select from most weather stations in the Southeast region and from stations in larger cities across the continental United States.
CLIMPER consolidates current and past weather data from all weather stations in the Regional Climate Center’s (RCC) Applied Climate Information System (ACIS).
CLIMPER provides a rich mix of climatological information (e.g. temperature and precipitation ranks, streaks and thresholds) over a range of time periods (e.g. days, weeks, months and years). These climate perspectives provide a synopsis of recent temperature and precipitation patterns in terms of how they depart from what is normally observed over the historical record of the selected weather station.
Restrictions and Limitations
Data applicability limited to the distance from the nearest weather station
Tool Developers
Charles Conrad, Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC), in collaboration with SERCC personnel, and personnel from the North Carolina State Climate Office
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Time Investment