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Connecting to Climate: Global to Local Teacher Workshop

Connecting to Climate: Global to Local Teacher Workshop

Why Climate and Education?

Connecting to Climate: Global to Local was a workshop co-hosted by the Asombro Institute for Science Education and the BlueSTEM AgriLearning Center in conjunction with the Southern Plains Climate Hub. This workshop was held in El Reno, Oklahoma, and was open to all middle and high school teachers throughout the state. In this workshop, participants learned about current research on climate change and received access to standards-aligned lessons that break down this global issue into bite-sized pieces for their students. Each teacher received classroom materials.

This workshop focused on lessons developed by the Asombro Institute and the Southwest Climate Hub with the goal of preparing students to become informed decision-makers of the future. Samples of the more than 20 lessons available on water, wildfire, agriculture, and the carbon cycle can be found below. Each lesson was reviewed by scientists and aligns with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts.

There are 8 main lessons in this workshop:

Climate Data Jam - Grades 6 - 12

Insulating you, Insulating Earth - Grades 6 - 12

The Ins and Outs of a Climate Feedback Loop - Grade 9 - 12

Streams and Steam - Grade 6 - 12

Wilt it be Productive? - Grades 6 - 12

Farms on the Table - Grades 6 - 12

Get Out and Graze (Go Ag!) - Grades 6 - 12

Water Conservation Data Jam (Will be made available on Asombro's website in September)

All lesson plans are free and available for use on Asombro's website. If you would like to join next year's workshop please either fill out this form or contact Susan Eisenhour, Southern Plains Climate Hub Coordinator at 

For other free lesson plans for all grades please visit: