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Christian Giardina

My current research interests include: understanding how drought impacts fire regimes, forest hydrology and watershed health; the restoration of composition, structure, function and dynamics of forest ecosystems, especially in  landscapes degraded by the interactions of fire, drought and invasive species; and community based solutions to managing threats to forests and restoring landscapes.

This research is important because countless native species and human communities rely on forests for goods and services, and with changes to these systems due to fire, drought or invasive species, the capacity of these systems to meet the needs of nature and society are compromised. By understanding these systems, the impact of threats like fire, drought and invasive species, and how to manage them for multiple benefits to species and society, we can enhance the ecological health of these systems and the well-being of those communities dependent on these systems.



  • Research Ecologist
  • Forest Servie Co-Lead


USDA Forest Service


Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry
60 Nowelo Street
Hilo, HI 96720-6805
United States

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