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Rangeland Analysis Platform

The Rangeland Analysis Platform (RAP) is an interactive web application designed to assist in managing and monitoring America's rangelands. The RAP datasets are derived from over 40 years of remote sensing data (1984-2018) and they enable users to monitor trends and changes in different types of rangeland vegetation at the pasture, landscape, or regional scales. The tool was developed for landowners, managers, and conservationists to quickly and easily access information that can guide land use decisions. The RAP is designed to be used alongside local knowledge and on-the-ground data to plan management actions. Data provided through the RAP Beta version currently includes vegetation cover. Other data will include forage productivity, riparian condition and sensitivity, climate and drought monitoring, and more. 


Select landcover type (Annual, Perrenial, Bare Ground etc.), year of interest, area of interest


Map of vegetation cover, time series of vegetation cover estimates as a graph or as downloadable data.
Data can also be viewed as a web map tile service in ArcGIS




Researcher, Extension, Producer, Land Manager

Time Investment:



2019-02-15 BETA

Tool Developers:

USDA NRCS, USDI BLM, the University of Montana; Application developer - Jeremy Malczyk of Plutonic