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2020 Jornada Virtual Symposium

The 2020 Jornada Symposium featured short presentations highlighting our climate adaptation efforts.


Climate adaptation in the Southwest

The USDA Southwest Climate Hub team prepared flash presentations to showcase our climate adaptation projects. The Hub has three functional areas: 1) research, science synthesis, assessments, 2) tool evaluation, development and technology transfer, and 3) convening, outreach and education. These short presentations describe weather and climate challenges and adaptation solutions for agriculture, natural resources and communities in the southwestern United States.


USDA Climate Hubs: Advancing Conservation Under a Changing Climate by Emile Elias

Stakeholder Engagement: Western Drought Resilience Workshop by Maude Dinan

Sustainable Southwest Beef Project Overview by Reanna Burnett 

Snapshot of Rancher Perspectives on Creative Cattle Management Options by Skye Aney

Decision Support Tool for the Beef Cattle Industry by Coury Dorn

Grass-Cast: An Experimental Grassland Productivity Forecast by Lauren Kramer

Low Cost Precipitation Monitoring Tools by Helena Deswood

Incorporating Climate into Resource Management Decisions by Courtney Peterson

Southwest Climate Hub Education Resources by Asombro Institute

The Drought Learning Network by Caitriana Steele