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2022 Hawaii Drought Meetings and Summaries

2022 Hawaii Drought Meetings and Summaries

Representatives from the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC), the USDA Southwest Climate Hub, East-West Center, Clark University and the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry hosted a series of drought workshops in October 2022 on four Hawaiian Islands. Participants represented a variety of agricultural and natural resource management agencies including federal organizations (USDA Farm Service Agency and Forest Service, Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center), Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests, Hawaii Fire Department, Three Mountain Alliance, US Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, University of Hawaii, Mauna Kea Watershed Alliance and other organizations. Discussions centered around the following topics: 1) United States Drought Monitor production and process; 2) How drought monitoring works in Hawaii; 3) USDA programs associated with the USDM; 4) Hawaii drought resources and research; and 5) Pacific Drought Knowledge Exchange.

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Long-term gridded Standardized Precipitation Index data for Hawaii

Pacific Drought Knowledge Exchange

Hawaiʻi Drought Monitor (with links to Hawaiʻi Drought Plan, 2017)

ENSO Update Hawaii Climate Data Portal: Hawaii Mesonet

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