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Community-based management for climate resilience in rangelands (Mongolia)

The USDA Agricultural Research Service Rangeland Research Management Unit and SW Climate Hub have collaborated with a Mongolian NGO and government agencies to implement a national rangeland monitoring system that is integrated with community-based management. Support included design, training, co-development of interpretation tools, grazing management guidelines, and analytical support. Monitoring approaches were adopted by the National Agency for Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring and the Administration of Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography. Data produced by agencies are used in periodic national reports on rangeland conditions as affected by climate and grazing trends. Monitoring data are used in annual planning by grazing cooperatives known as “Pasture User’s Groups” in over 1500 communities across Mongolia and facilitates resilience to extreme weather conditions through adaptive adjustments to grazing management.

Please check out the following links for additional information:

Resilience-based Rangeland Management in Mongolia

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Please contact Brandon Bestelmeyer (USDA-ARS Range Management Research Unit/SW Climate Hub, Las Cruces, NM) for additional information.