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Drought Impacts in the Southwestern Region

The National Drought Resilience Partnership is an effort to promote stronger drought resilience on federal lands. As a part of this effort, the U.S. Forest Service conducted a series of focused workshops across the country to understand the management opportunities and constraints imposed by drought conditions, as well as the challenges of floods and changing precipitation patterns on forest and rangeland resources.

In June 2017, the Forest Service hosted a two-day drought adaptation workshop in the Southwestern Region in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Workshop participants came from the Regional Office, Washington Office, Southwestern Region national forests, universities, key water resource agencies and the USDA SW Climate Hub.

Topics covered in the workshop included an overview of drought conditions and climate trends in the Southwest, and the impacts of drought on forest and rangeland ecosystems, recreation, aquatic ecosystems, and external infrastructure. This fact sheet summarizes presentations and work group recommendations, and provides additional research as supporting documentation.

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