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2019 National Adaptation Forum Symposium: North Central Midwest Regional Climate Collaboration

The following Symposium will take place at the National Adaptation Forum on Tuesday, April 23rd from 1100-1230.  

Improving Decision-Making Through Regional Collaboration

Success in obtaining resilient and sustainable agroecosystems within the Midwest Region can only be obtained through collaborative efforts. This symposium will bring together a well-oiled, climate-science-focused and information-sharing team from the Midwest Region to better understand the importance of and efficiency in working together: Working together, sharing and formatting climate information for many different sectors to improve decision-making in a changing climate. The symposium will address:

  • The impact of collaboration at the regional scale
  • How collaboration influences adaptation
  • The efficiencies gained in collaboration
  • How collaboration improves information transfer

The Symposium will include presentations with examples of collaborative efforts and impacts from working together and opportunities to become better connected through information sharing (i.e. CoCoRAHS, drought monitor reporting etc.). Survey results from past collaborative events will be shared and a discussion on how to better measure impacts and improve customer service will take place. We want people to walk away with concrete collaboration ideas for their own regions/sectors.

Speakers at this event include:

Dennis Todey, USDA Midwest Climate Hub

Tonya Haigh, National Drought Mitigation Center

Natalie Umphlett, High Plains Regional Climate Center

Douglas Kluck, NOAA - National Centers for Environmental Information

Molly Woloszyn, NOAA - National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)

Adam Dowling, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service


Additional Information Mentioned During Symposium

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