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Considering Climate Change in Tree Planting

Considering Climate Change in Tree Planting

Authors: Patricia Danielle Shannon; Ryan Toot; Annamarie Rutledge; Patricia R. Butler-Leopold; Madeline Baroli.

Year: 2023

Type: White Paper Report

Climate Hub region: Northern Forests Climate Hub


Source: National Agricultural Library

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This guide provides a step-by-step process to help you consider climate change when selecting a tree for planting at a site and provides a framework to help learn about the projected habitat suitability of trees in your area under climate change. This guide includes a checklist and worksheets that can help you evaluate if the tree you want to plant can tolerate the growing conditions of your site and the additional risks brought about by climate change. The worksheets in this guide will help you to briefly summarize key characteristics of your site and then evaluate whether the tree species planned for planting can tolerate a range of future conditions given climate change. This guide can serve as a starting point to learn more on how the impacts of a changing climate can affect trees and ecosystems in your area.


Shannon, P.D.; Toot, R.; Rutledge, A.; Butler-Leopold, P.R.; Baroli, M. 2023. Considering climate change in tree planting. White Paper. Houghton, MI: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Northern Forests Climate Hub. 11 p.


This is a joint product of the USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub and the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, a collaborative, multi-institutional partnership led by the USDA Forest Service.

Funding was provided by Forest Service Research & Development, through the Northern Research Station