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Opportunities with the USDA Climate Hubs

This is a living page showing open and past opportunities with the USDA Climate Hubs. List of opportunities will be updated as they become available.

USFS Fellowship in Climate and Forest Management

A fellowship with the USDA Northeast and Midwest Climate Hubs and Cornell University’s Northeast Region Climate Center is open for applications. This post-doctoral fellowship will provide opportunity to engage in research, collaboration, and outreach on a project which aims to align climate change indicators with the needs of forestry stakeholders. Tracking trends in weather and changes in conditions using indicators can help guide forest managers in the development of effective adaptation, resilience, and sustainability practices. Application deadline: 1/5/2024

USFS Tribal Climate Equity Fellowship with the USDA Northeast Climate Hub

The USDA Northeast Climate Hub and US Forest Service Northern Research Station are seeking a fellow to engage in research and collaboration on climate equity specifically for Tribes and Tribal communities in our region. This is an opportunity to work with diverse partners to integrate indigenous knowledge for application to climate adaptation and mitigation related to working lands and waters. This fellowship is available to those who are post-Masters or post-PhD. Application deadline: 1/5/2024

Northern Plains Climate Hub Fellow (Post-Doc) in Agronomy/Soils/Ecology

The Northern Plains Climate Hub is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate (Research Agronomist/Soil Scientist/Ecologist), based with USDA ARS (1 vacancy among the following locations: Mandan, North Dakota; Brookings, South Dakota; Clay Center, Nebraska; Fort Collins, Colorado), to conduct science synthesis and outreach on climate change and cropping systems or integrated crop-livestock systems in the Northern Plains region. Application deadline: 1/5/2024

Northwest Climate Hub Fellow: Carbon Management on Working Lands

An ORISE (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education) fellowship with the USDA Northwest Climate Hub. The fellow will engage with USDA Climate Hub, USDA and Forest Service staff to develop information on carbon management on working lands (forests, rangelands, and farms). The fellow will collaborate with USDA staff to help develop summaries to 1) Develop information to guide management planning practices for the National Forest System related to carbon and greenhouse gases. 2) Engage with Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station's carbon initiative to develop communication materials for land managers. 3) Develop synthesis and communications on carbon for agricultural and natural resource land managers. 4) Conduct research related to carbon dynamics in forest systems. Applications are due 2 February 2024 11 pm ET.

USDA California Climate Hub Fellows (2)

The USDA California Climate Hub has an open advertisement via USA Jobs (ARS-RA-23-PWA-12005267-mds) for up to two (2) USDA Climate Hub Fellows. The announcement was purposely crafted to be broad in scope and could be filled by individuals with either physical, natural/life, or social science training and expertise. The California Climate Hub is dedicated to supporting climate informed decisions via applied research applications related to climate adaptation science and/or mitigation opportunities within the agricultural or forestry sectors. The California Climate Hub welcomes individuals interested in working alongside Forest Service-Pacific Southwest Research Station scientists especially in support of Forest Service-Pacific Southwest Region of the National Forest System priorities (ex. Wildfire Crisis Strategy, post fire recovery/reforestation) or with other USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists in California engaged with applied climate solutions for agriculture or water management/scarcity questions. More information about the nature of the USDA California Climate Hub portfolio can be found at either our webpage or the ARS landing page for our program. Applications for this position can be sent to  The required documents to apply for this opening are outlined on the USA jobs announcement. 

USDA FS Pacific Southwest Research Station and California Climate Hub Postdoctoral Urban Forestry Fellowship

The USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station in collaboration with the USDA California Climate Hub is recruiting a talented individual to serve as an Urban Forestry Fellow and develop science-based tools and information products that will improve urban forest management in the context of a changing climate. The scope of the projects undertaken by the fellow can adjust to align with the fellow’s skills and interests but should be anchored in California and enhance collaboration between the USDA Forest Service and Climate Hubs. The fellow will join a cohort of interdisciplinary fellows in the network of 10 USDA Climate Hubs. This is a full-time two-year paid fellowship, and people with a doctorate degree received within the past 5 years are eligible (or expected completion by December 31, 2023). The selected participant may participate out of the Vallejo or Riverside Forest Service offices in California. Options for hybrid or remote participation may be considered. The fellowship is through ORISE, and potential candidates should apply here by 1 December 12 pm ET. 

Climate Literacy Fellowship Opportunity in the Caribbean

This fellowship will offer the opportunity to collaborate with our team to increase the level of climate-smart decision-making by farmers, ranchers, forest land managers, and the people and agencies that provide advice, technical expertise, and incentives. 

Fellowship Opportunity Assessing Climate Change, Forest Management, and Forest Products in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

This Postdoctoral Research Fellowship will offer the opportunity to collaborate with our team to assess forest management scenarios and carbon sequestration benefits and contribute to peer-reviewed publications and science communications.


Past opportunities

Midwest and Northern Forests Climate Hubs Fellow: Regional Climate Impacts Assessment and Evaluation

This ORISE fellowship will offer the opportunity to support an assessment and evaluation of scientific literature and related resources provided to the region. The update will support climate services and outreach efforts at the Midwest and Northern Forests Climate Hubs. The selected candidate has the option to participate remotely or on location in Ames, IA. Applications are due 13 October 3 pm ET.

Midwest Climate Hub Fellow: Impacts Assessment and Climate Services Evaluation

This ORISE fellowship will offer the opportunity to provide support on an assessment of the Midwest Climate Hub’s role in facilitating ag-climate research, communications, and outreach. Fellows will also assess regional climate services.  The selected candidate has the option to participate remotely or on location in Ames, IA. Applications are due 13 October 3 pm ET.

Midwest Climate Hub Fellow: Ag-Climate Crop Management Changes

This ORISE fellowship will offer the opportunity to learn more information about how climate change issues are changing management practices across a variety of cropping systems in the Midwest. The fellow will partner with the USDA Climate Hubs and USDA Long Term Agro-ecological Research (LTAR) network to analyze and summarize LTAR data and research results about various Midwestern management practices and their climate interactions. (Note: if you are a PhD candidate or recent graduate who received your master’s degree more than five years ago, the application form will restrict your eligibility. If this is the case for you and you are interested in applying, please contact Laurie Nowatzke at Applications are due 29 September 3 pm ET.

Northwest Climate Hub Fellow (Post-Doc) for inland Pacific Northwest Agriculture 

This postdoctoral research associate will work with USDA-Agriculture Research Service, Northwest Sustainable Agroecosystems Research Unit in Pullman, Washington. This position will develop decision tools using the model CropSyst that support climate adaptation and climate mitigation in wheat-based cropping systems of the inland Pacific Northwest. The fellow will participate in workshops to solicit user feedback that will guide tool development. Application screening will begin 4 July 2023, and the position will stay open until filled. 

Northwest Climate Hub Fellow for Alaska Agriculture

This Associate in Research position is offered through Washington State University to serve as a USDA Climate Hub Fellow for Alaska. The fellow will work with the Northwest Climate Hub and its co-lead at the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Northwest Sustainable Agroecosystems Research Unit. The focus of this position will be to develop a current state of knowledge focused on soil management for the variety of cropping systems in Alaska. Additionally, the fellow will organize a convening of producers, technology transfers specialists, and scientists to develop a summary of long-term research needs for agriculture in Alaska in a changing climate. Application screening will begin on 20 March and this advertisement will stay open until the position is filled.

National Climate Hub Fellow

This ORISE fellow will engage with Climate Hub staff, partners, and stakeholders; Forest Service Research and Development staff; and other USDA scientists and managers. The fellow will collaborate with the above staff to develop science-based tools and information products that will help land managers better manage forest and rangeland resources considering direct and indirect impacts of climate change (adaptation) and to increase carbon storage and sequestration (mitigation). Activities of the Climate Hub Fellow include supporting, synthesizing, and communicating the research of Climate Hubs to land managers. Research topics will focus on a range of priority issues across the US such as reforestation, climate equity, drought, mitigation benefits, and adaptation actions. This research and science delivery opportunity is available in Washington, DC at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service (FS) Office of Research and Development in Sustainable Forest Management Research to support the USDA Climate Hubs. The candidate has the option to participate remotely or in Washington, D.C.

USFS Agroforestry Fellowship for the USDA Climate Hubs

New ORISE Agroforestry Fellowship opportunity to work with the USDA Climate Hubs and the National Agroforestry Center. The focus of this position will be to support producers and technical service providers in the uptake of agroforestry across the US. The fellow will collaborate with National Agroforestry Center and Climate Hub staff to develop science-based tools and information that will help managers of working lands use agroforestry to better manage their resources in light of the direct and indirect impacts of climate change. Application deadline is June 9, 2023.

Southern Plains Climate Hub Fellow (Post-Doc)

This position represents a partnership between K-State and the USDA Climate Hubs to equip more producers, water managers, and other stakeholders with training, network and confidence to take action to improve an effort to develop and deliver science-based, region-specific information and technologies to agricultural and natural resource managers that enable climate-informed decision-making, and to provide access to assistance to implement those decisions.

USFS Northeast Climate Hub Fellowship in Climate Equity

The ORISE Fellow will engage in research and collaboration for two projects. The first project will focus on identifying climate equity issues in the region using literature reviews and other research methods. The second project will involve developing a regional graduate student engagement network for emerging leaders working on climate adaptation and mitigation. Following a successful pilot program—GradCAP (the Graduate Student Climate Adaptation Program), the new network will include a focus on addressing equity. The Fellow will be actively involved in the design and execution of this new program.