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Building Agricultural Resilience to Hurricanes in the Southeastern US


This StoryMap Preparing for and Recovering from Hurricane Impacts provides a summary of actions that producers can take to build resilience to, prepare for, stay safe during, and recover from hurricane impacts.

The Southeast Climate Hub partnered with the University of Florida to host a free Building Agricultural Resilience to Hurricanes Workshop on November 15, 2018 in Gainesville, Florida. The workshop brought together over 60 USDA, Extension, and research professionals to discuss adaptation practices that increase resilience to hurricanes in nurseries, horticulture, row crops, livestock and grazing lands before, during, and after a hurricane occurs. Extension agents and other experts provided first-hand experience to workshop participants on the best management practices to reduce commodity loss risk and to speed up recovery from hurricanes. Participants also shared their own experiences and lessons learned from previous hurricanes during organized group discussions. 

Information shared during the workshop was combined with input from subject matter experts to create commodity guides of best practices for preparing for and recovering from hurricanes. The guides will assist in the transfer of information from Extension agents to land managers to increase agricultural land resilience to hurricanes.

Commodity guides can be viewed here.

Presentations from the workshop are can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Introduction and Welcome

Keynote Speaker: David Zierden, Florida State Climatologist: Hurricane Michael, Agricultural Impacts, and Possible Connections with Climate Change

Session 1: Tropical Nursery and Citrus Industries

Session 2: Row Crops

Session 3: Livestock and Grazing

Group Discussion Summaries and Final Thoughts