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2016 USDA Resource Guide for American Indians & Alaskan Natives

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Office of Tribal Relations (OTR)


The USDA Resource Guide for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) was developed to provide tribal leaders and tribal citizens, 1994 Land-Grant Tribal Colleges and Universities, AI/AN businesses, and non-governmental organizations serving AI/AN communities with a tool for navigating USDA resources. The USDA programs and services available to members of American Indian and Alaska Native tribes are described in the following pages. This guide provides readers with a comprehensive summary of USDA Programs, separated into four categories: 1. Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Traditional Foods, 2. Business and Community Development, 3. Conservation and Forestry, 4. Research, Extension, and Outreach.


Varies by program.

Climate Change Component

Climate change will result in more extreme weather events and changes in climate. The Office of Tribal Relations developed a resource guide to highlighting USDA programs for Native American Tribes and Native Alaskans. Many of these programs can be used to assist tribes in adapting to climate change as noted in this table.


Disaster Assistance



Office of Tribal Relations

Tribal Table Category

Tribal Table Eligibility