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Translating Climate Science into Action

Learn how the USDA Climate Hubs empower people to make climate-informed decisions.

Climate Hubs OverviewClimate change presents threats to America’s farmers, ranchers, foresters, and communities across the country. The USDA Climate Hubs work across the U.S. to develop climate-smart solutions.

Hurricane Recovery: The USDA Climate Hub commodity-specific recovery guides help producers recover from hurricanes more quickly while minimizing crop and economic losses.

Urban Forest Management: The Urban Forest Climate and Health Adaptation Menu can be used to increase climate resilience in urban landscapes, providing benefits for both people and the planet. 

Wildfire Resilience: Fires are a complex challenge, and the USDA Climate Hubs are applying the best science and outreach to help all lands be more resilient.

Tribal Nation Engagement: The USDA Climate Hubs actively engage and collaborate with Tribal Nations and communities to provide climate tools and guidance that incorporate Tribal perspectives.  

Carbon sequestration: Farms and forests are powerful nature-based carbon sinks. USDA Climate Hubs tools can help increase climate resilience, enhance productivity, and maintain critical environmental benefits.

Risk Reduction with Grass-Cast: Grass-Cast is an online tool that helps land managers anticipate drought earlier and respond with flexibility and foresight.

Climate Education: Working alongside community partners, the USDA Climate Hubs are increasing climate literacy and empowering people to make climate-informed decisions on working lands across the country.

Drought Resilience: The USDA Climate Hubs help producers to be more resilient in the face of drought, which negatively impacts human health, forests, food production, and the economy each year.

Methane Emissions: The USDA Climate Hubs deliver solutions to help reduce methane and other greenhouse gas emissions while working alongside land managers to support on-the-ground resilience efforts.

Wood Debris into Treasure: The USDA Caribbean Climate Hub helped build community resilience in Puerto Rico by transforming wood debris into treasure in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

A Climate-Resilient FutureThe USDA Climate Hubs translate science into action working with trusted community partners across diverse landscapes to support healthy and resilient working lands.