Latest Northern Plains Climate Hub Additions

The U.S. Drought Monitor (USDM) is a map released every Thursday, showing parts of the U.S. that are in drought. The map uses five classifications: abnormally dry (D0), showing areas that may be going into or are coming out of drought, and four levels of…
Grass-Cast is now expanding to the Southwest region and will soon be available to producers in New Mexico and Arizona.
A brief introduction to the Southwest Agroforestry Action Network
The USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub (NPCH) contributed three articles to the "Vulnerability Assessment of US Agriculture and Forests developed by the USDA Climate Hubs" -- a special issue of the journal of Climatic Change (January 2018, Volume 146…
Hailey Wilmer is a transdisciplinary social-ecological researcher. She specializes in applied and co-developed research on working rangeland landscapes. Her work seeks to bolster managers’ capacity to achieve multiple management goals, such as enhanced…
The Rangeland Analysis Platform (RAP) is an interactive web application designed to assist in managing and monitoring America's rangelands.
References for the Climate Risk Management Practices
A synthesis of key climate change sensitivities and risk management practices for forest vegetation, non-forest vegetation, water and infrastructure, fisheries and fish habitat, wetlands and riparian areas, wildlife, and recreation for the Western US.
Grass-Cast indicates for ranchers and rangeland managers what productivity is likely to be in the upcoming growing season relative to their own county’s 34-year history