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Latest Northwest Climate Hub Additions

Webinar series and regional listening session to better understand drought in Alaska.
Information about how to avoid and cope with current and expected changes to water resources and rangeland health.
Information on how to avoid and cope with current and expected changes to water resources and soil health. Also provided is a list of USDA programs for technical and financial resources that foster climate change resilience through soil stewardship and other…
Find all Northwest news in one place - newsletters and podcasts.
Feral swine have recently invaded parts of the Northwest by causing harm to plant and animal diversity. They are also highly destructive to croplands, pastures, and livestock.
These Lands is a quarterly podcast production of the Northwest Climate Hub focused on creative and engaging delivery of regionally-relevant climate change adaptation information.
At least 95% of resource managers want to hear from peers about lessons learned during drought. The Drought Learning Network (DLN) is a new consortium of climate service providers and resource managers building resilience to drought with intentional peer-to-…
Tribal members of the Society for Range Management’s Native American Rangeland Advisory Committee, and many other Tribal representatives recommend that culturally relevant training and capacity building should be a priority for any comprehensive rangeland…
Smoke information for the Northwest region (AK, OR, ID, WA).
Agenda, recordings and links to drought-related resources from the 2020 Northwest Drought Workshop.