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Crops Topics from the California Hub Region

  • California's Changing Agroclimate Metrics

    Plot of annual growing degree days for the Central Coast of California

    To provide information on contemporary climate conditions for California agriculture, scientists at the USDA California Climate Hub, UC Davis, UC Merced, and UC ANR identified a suite of agroclimate…

  • Drought Learning Network updates

    Rangeland in drought, Colorado Plateau 2020

    At least 95% of resource managers want to hear from peers about lessons learned during drought. The Drought Learning Network (DLN) is a new consortium of climate service providers and resource…

  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Specialty Crops

    rows of crops with irrigation

    Agricultural practices in California specialty crops offer opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil health and organic matter storage. Here, we review recent work on this…

  • Specialty Crops in California

    Avocados on a tree

    Specialty crops – fruit, vegetables, and nuts – are the mainstay of California agriculture. California is by far the number one US producer of specialty crops both in quantity and in diversity, with…