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Grazing Lands Topics from the Northern Plains Hub Region

  • Drought Learning Network updates

    Rangeland in drought, Colorado Plateau 2020

    At least 95% of resource managers want to hear from peers about lessons learned during drought. The Drought Learning Network (DLN) is a new consortium of climate service providers and resource…

  • Grass-Cast Tutorial Webinar

    Overview of Grass-Cast Procedure

    The Grassland Productivity Forecast, or Grass-Cast, is an experimental model that generates map-based forecasts of grassland productivity, offering a potential new tool in the land manager’s drought…

  • Adapting for the Future

    Research Study Site: USDA-ARS High Plains Grasslands Research Station

    Researchers in the Northern Plains have been studying how changes in the atmosphere might impact rangelands throughout the region. With this research under our belt, we can begin strategizing how to…