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Extreme Weather Impacts from the Northwest Hub Region

  • Extreme Weather: Northwest Drought

    A dry field.

    Drought affects agriculture, forests, rangelands, and people throughout the Northwest with increasing frequency and intensity due to climate change.

  • Changing Water Dynamics in Alaska

    Oyster catchers in Glacier Bay with snowy mountains in the background

    Examination of changes in water dynamics, the resulting consequences for ecosystems and people, and management options for adapting to changing conditions.

  • Northwest Rangelands, Weather and Climate

    Moving cattle

    Ranchers in the Northwest are accustomed to water limitations on pastures, so obtaining current information and outlooks is essential to managing livestock especially in water-limited areas.

  • Northwest Forestry, Weather and Climate

    forest in front of mountains

    Understanding current weather and climate is important to supporting sustainable timber production in the Northwest. The Northwest Climate Hub works to support use of current and projected…