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Seasonal Shifts Impacts from the Southwest Hub Region

  • Haycamp Farm Case Study

    Haycamp Farm

    Promoting biodiversity on and off-farm, as well as below and above ground, is of utmost importance to agricultural production and Haycamp Farm subscribes to organic production methods that emphasize…

  • Early spring in the Southwest?

    Desert in spring by Rennett Stowe is licensed under CC-BY-2.0

    Every year the USA National Phenology Network (USA NPN) analyse spring leaf out and spring bloom data to see if spring is arriving unusually early or late. This year, much of Arizona, about half of…

  • A deeper-dive into early snowmelt

    Engineer Pass by Stefan Serena is in the Public Domain

    Climate impacts on the high mountain hydrologic cycle including less water held in the snowpack, earlier runoff, less precipitation falling as snow and lower summer streamflow