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Latest Northeast Climate Hub Additions

Forests influence atmospheric greenhouse gas levels in ways most people don’t think about. Scientists describe this as the carbon cycle.
A new research study “Economic dimensions of soil health practices that sequester carbon: promising research directions”, examines costs and benefits of soil health practices that sequester carbon.
The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released the 6th Assessment Report which confirms – with a high degree of confidence - how rapidly the earth’s climate has changed over the past century. The change has been in…
A new video series called “Weathering the Change” explain what changes are happening in the Northeast and why, and what farmers can do to be resilient to those changes.
37 Vegetable and Berry Climate Adaptation Fellows made up of farmers and their advisors from across the Northeast have come together to build on shared knowledge about climate and ways to make decisions about how to adapt.
Here's how our forthcoming environmental documentary feature, Delmarva and the Ground for Change, all came together. Get the inside scoop on the farms involved, and catch a first look at the film’s trailer.
Improving soil health by increasing cover crops and reducing tillage is a common interest for farmers and agricultural advisors in the Climate Adaptation Fellowship (CAF). As part of the program, farmers assess their vegetable and fruit farms for adaptation…
On the day he took office, President Biden began the process of rejoining the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Many issues remain on how to best store carbon, reduce greenhouse gases, and adapt to climate change, but climate-smart farming is here to stay.
There’s a lot of discussion about climate change these days and how best to address it. But why so much attention on trees when discussing climate?
Increasing carbon storage as soil organic matter helps to mitigate climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Organic matter is also an important part of building soil health. Additional organic matter in agricultural systems means they are often…