The Quarterly Harvest

The Quarterly Harvest

Working as a collaboration to promote climate informed decisions on farms and forests. In December 2017, the USDA Northeast Climate Hub relaunched it's e-newsletter to bring readers a more visually appealing and engaging periodical. The aptly named, Quarterly Harvest, seeks to deliver high level updates and articles with a balanced mix of created and curated content from USDA Northeast Climate Hub staff and partners to keep avid readers informed. Want to make sure you get the next Quarterly Harvest in your inbox? Subscribe Now »

The Quarterly Harvest | October 2019

The Quarterly Harvest | June 2019

Could the devastating floods in the Midwest this past spring ever happen in the Northeast? Read about the breakdown of possibilities for our region. In addition to this, readers can listen to talks from our 2018 Partners Meeting through the recently published meeting proceedings, explore a new virtual tour at the Yale-Myers Forest Orchard, learn about how warmer winters and shifting seasons are affecting the logging industry, and more in this Quarterly Harvest edition. 

The Quarterly Harvest | February 2019

This Quarterly Harvest has a lot to unpack in the new year. We begin 2019 with a new NRCS Liaison and a look at the latest climate science reports that were released late last Fall. Readers will also find Northeast specific assessments and research from the latest U.S. Forest Service vulnerability assessment on Mid-Atlantic forests to irrigation, agroforestry, and dairy systems projects happening in Vermont.

The Quarterly Harvest | September 2018

In this issue of The Quarterly Harvest, we begin with a highlight on why shifting ocean circulation patterns matter to regional agricultural producers. Then, tucked between webinars, a photo essay, and guest article from West Virginia University, readers will discover three new 'As If You Were There' virtual tours highlighting climate adaptation work and research at the University of Delaware, University of New Hampshire, and University of Massachusetts - Amherst. 

The Quarterly Harvest | June 2018

Are long range weather forecasts getting better? This and more in this Quarterly Harvest. Some highlights include a new economic case study on gully erosion and stabilization on a Vermont farm, a new research brief on the USDA ARS Farming Systems Project in Maryland, and the launch of Cornell University's 'As If You Were There'  virtual tour looking at biochar and compost.

The Quarterly Harvest | March 2018

This newsletter is packed! Here we share insight into the unstable arctic vortex, announce a new webinar, feature two new 'As If You Were There'  virtual tours, highlight farmer focus groups on climate change from the University of Maine and Cornell University, share agricultural reflections from abroad, and so much more.

The Quarterly Harvest | December 2017

In this newsletter, we highlight new studies on climate risks and opportunities for Northeast crop and livestock farmers, a video series launched by Rutgers Climate Institute, a case study focused on a family dairy in Maine, and two guest authored articles by the USDA National Agroforestry Center and University of New Hampshire that both speak to planning ahead for future conditions.