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Focus on Forestlands in California

California has 33 million acres of forest land, one-third of the state’s total land area. Sixty percent of this forest is publicly owned - for example, by the USDA Forest Service and the National Park Service. The remaining 40% is privately owned. One-third of the private forest is held by timber companies; the remaining two-thirds is held by families, individuals, and tribes. 

Climate threats to California’s forests include heat and drought, increased fire frequency and intensity, and interacting stressors such as disease and insects. The California Climate Hub has conducted assessments and syntheses, developed products and tools, and held outreach events to support forest land managers in adapting to these stressors. See more on some of these efforts through the links below.


You can find more forestlands information at the following external websites:

Pacific Southwest Research Station (California): Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation Science

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