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Erin D. Lane

Erin works for the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station and is the Coordinator for the USDA Northeast Climate Hub.

Her passions, and the focus of her work, lay in teamwork and collaborations. She maintains strong relationships with our land grant and other partners, and coordinates projects and activities throughout the Hub. Erin made the recent change in direction to focus on climate change after a career based in fire management.  She is also a co-founder, and coordinator, of the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange serving the fire community to advance the use of relevant fire science to harmonize fire management goals by bring people together and addressing challenges.

Featured Work


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Erin D. Lane


  • Deputy Director, USDA Northeast Climate Hub


U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station, North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange


271 Mast Road, Durham, NH

Phone Number



Focus Area

  • Climate Adaptation
  • Wildland Fire and Climate
  • Fostering Co-production as a Boundary Organization