Agroforestry at Angus Glen

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Watkins Glen, NY
Cornell University Cooperative Extension

Angus Glen Farms practice a type of agroforestry known as silvopasture.

This practice is a blend of the sustainable production of livestock, forage, and trees on the same land. Maintaining both farm and forest while managing water and nutrients increases long-term income and protects soil and streams. Angus Glen Farms is a 300 acre operation located in Watkins Glen, New York. The farm has 80 cow-calf pairs of Angus cattle grown for seed-stock and grass-fed beef production.  They practice a form of agroforestry called silvopasture. This practice integrates forest, forage, and livestock management on the same land. The goal is to sustainably produce timber and livestock, improve resiliency to weather extremes, and conserve natural resources. 

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"We know that forests, generally any kind of forested ecosystem and trees, are resilient to extreme weather events like droughts and floods... So, forests moderate the climate and will help us in our agricultural production." - Steve Gabriel, Agroforestry Extension Specialist, Cornell Small Farms Program

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