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Irrigation Research at UD

Notice: This project page is no longer being updated as of January 2023.

Studies at the Warrington Irrigation Research Farm are aimed at using water to maximize crop yields and improve profits.

Water is one of the most critical crop needs. By improving water management, farmers can be sure that their crops receive adequate water throughout the growing season. A more efficient irrigation system can save money, energy, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In the Mid-Atlantic region, high heat and droughts are likely to become more common as the climate changes. Irrigation is widely used to protect crop yields during these extreme events. More efficient use of water will help growers maintain or increase their crop yields under changing climate conditions and better protect the environment.

“Weather information makes it possible to be more precise in how you apply some of your water for your irrigation system. So, as we become maybe more dependent upon technology to help us with the management of some of our irrigation systems, weather station data like this will increasingly become more and more important as part of that future.”

- Kevin Brinson, Associate State Climatologist for the State of Delaware

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