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NEWA Integrated Pest Management Tools for Crop Production

NEWA evaluates crop risk using real-time weather data.

NEWA uses a network of grower-owned and operated weather stations to obtain farm weather data in real time. Digital vegetable models use these data to provide real-time crop risk forecasts for the next five days. NEWA also stores historical data and risk assessments for record-keeping. NEWA is useful for record-keeping and insurance, and serves up historical weather data records from every linked weather station. Hourly records and Daily summaries up to 12 months within a single calendar year are available for direct download.

Release Notes

You will have the best experience with NEWA by creating and using a user profile. NEWA asks only for your e-mail address and will never share this information with anyone. This also helps NEWA communicate directly in urgent situations. Watch the introductory videos below to get started.




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NEWA 3.0

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