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Sightline: Forests, Climate, and a Changing Marketplace

Sightline is a four-part review of recent global climate and sustainability regulations and frameworks affecting the forest community in the Northeast and beyond.

New sustainability terms like forest positive or science-based targets are popping up across the forest sector, leaving many of us to ponder “what does that actually mean?” Similarly, you may be hearing about “ESG” (Environmental, Social, and Governance) laws or systems in the news or even within your own organization. How do these rules and ideas fit into the work you do with landowners, forest practitioners, conservation partners, public agencies, forest product companies, or others in the business community?

Sightline is dedicated to unpacking and exploring the new sustainability trends shaping laws, business, and forests around the world. Behind these emerging financial sector initiatives is the idea that, by measuring and disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities, investors can maximize growth and profits. And, in using this approach, the marketplace can effectively drive action on climate change. Because they are central to the planet’s climate, forests are an important piece of the puzzle. This may include maximizing the climate benefits of forests by reducing deforestation and increasing carbon storage while also advancing biodiversity, conservation, social justice, and other objectives. The aim of Sightline is to build awareness and understanding to help the forestry community navigate the rising marketplace trends that will affect our work.

What to Expect

Over the coming year, Sightline plans to release three more special reports, each focused on an emerging sustainability trend, platform, or driver. Additionally, a set of online events will dive deep and engage expert voices. The Climate Hub’s mission is to provide information to enable climate-smart decision making, and to help implement those decisions. Many of these decisions may be made in the context of these developing frameworks. As such, Sightline will seek to bring informative ESG overviews to provide context and consideration to support understanding and decision-making.

  1. Sightline Report, Spring 2023 completed
  2. Sightline Report, Fall 2023
  3. 1-Hour Webinar, Winter 2024 not completed
  4. Sightline Report, Spring 2024 not completed
  5. 1-Hour Webinar, Summer 2024 not completed
  6. Sightline Report, Fall 2024 not completed

  • Sightline: Report 1

    sunset in mountains

    The first in a four-part series, this report provides a brief introduction to ESG initiatives, such as the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and government action in Europe.

  • Sightline: Report 2

    sunset in mountains

    The second in a four-part series, this report provides an orientation to the climate policies and concepts that serve as a backbone for emerging sustainability programming.

An Invitation to Engage

The focus of Sightline is to illuminate and unpack the climate mitigation and sustainability trends in the business community that will affect our world of forests. As the Northeast Climate Hub launches this new initiative, we welcome your engagement. Which topics would you like to see explored? What questions are coming up in your communities and with your partners, stakeholders, customers or suppliers?

Please email us at to provide feedback or input that will help us plan the content of this initiative.