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Management Actions from the Southwest Hub Region

  • Collaborative Adaptation Stories

    Conservation and Adaptation Resources Toolbox (CART) Case Studies

    The Southwest Climate Hub partners with the Conservation and Adaptation Resources Toolbox (CART, previously known as CCAST) to develop and disseminate Case Studies. Through support of the Southwest…

  • Southwest Drought Learning Network

    Vegetation Drought

    The Southwest Drought Learning Network (SWDLN) links climate service providers with resource managers to increase community resilience when facing current and future drought events. This peer-to-peer…

  • Southwest Climate Hub Interns

    Jornada Monsoon

    The Southwest Hubs needs talented, innovative individuals to work on science delivery and communication of how managers are adaptively responding to compounding climate change impacts. We are…

  • 2020 Jornada Virtual Symposium

    Jornada Sunrise

    The USDA Southwest Climate Hub team prepared flash presentations to showcase our climate adaptation projects. The Hub has three functional areas: 1) research, science synthesis, assessments, 2) tool…

  • Planting Gardens of Breadfruit

    Fais island partners - Melai Mai Initiative

    The Melai Mai initiative is an innovative partnership between communities, traditional leaders, local governments, research extensions, and the U.S. Forest Service to promote agroforestry, local food…