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Animals Topics from the Southwest Hub Region

  • Feral Swine Bomb

    Feral pig and piglets by Craig O Neal is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Feral pigs, wild hogs, razorbacks, old world swine, wild boar… feral swine go by many names but they are all the same species as domesticated pigs found on farms: Sus scrofa. Feral swine are…

  • Solving the Beef

    Solving the Beef Game

    The nonprofit Asombro Institute for Science Education and the Southwest Sustainable Beef Project have released a fun, educational game for High School students: Solving the Beef. This game encourages…

  • Focus on Livestock in the Southwest

    Unlike poultry and swine, which are often housed in structures, cattle, goats and sheep are typically subject to outdoor conditions and susceptible to the elevated temperatures of a changing climate.