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Management Actions from the California Hub Region

  • Keeping California Forests and Woodlands Healthy

    An oak woodland in California.

    The Healthy Forests briefs series, authored by the Science Advisory Panel of the California Governor’s Forest Management Task Force in collaboration with the USDA California Climate Hub and the USGS…

  • Soil Health, Soil Amendments, and Carbon Farming

    A farmer holds a handful of healthy soil

    This soil-focused fact sheet series, which is intended for members of the technical assistance community who advise California growers on climate-smart agriculture, provides an overview of carbon…

  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Specialty Crops

    rows of crops with irrigation

    Agricultural practices in California specialty crops offer opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil health and organic matter storage. Here, we review recent work on this…

  • Climate Risk Management Practices


    A synthesis of key climate change sensitivities and risk management practices for forest vegetation, non-forest vegetation, water and infrastructure, fisheries and fish habitat, wetlands and riparian…