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Forests & Woodlands Topics from the California Hub Region

  • Southern Sierra Reforestation Symposium 2022

    Tree seedlings sit in white boxes at a CALFIRE nursery building

    In the past decade alone, the Southern Sierra region has experienced extensive tree mortality, severe drought, a bark beetle epidemic, and large and severe wildfires. This new era of fire and climate…

  • Keeping California Forests and Woodlands Healthy

    An oak woodland in California.

    The Healthy Forests briefs series, authored by the Science Advisory Panel of the California Governor’s Forest Management Task Force in collaboration with the USDA California Climate Hub and the USGS…

  • Reforestation Dialogues and Symposium

    Reforestation in the Lake Tahoe area

    Within the past decade, the state’s forests have experienced drastic changes due to destructive and severe wildfires, a 1,000-year drought, and the associated stressors that come with a changing…

  • Focus on Forestlands in California

    A small alpine lake in the Sierra surrounded by trees

    California has 33 million acres of forest land, one-third of the state’s total land area. Sixty percent of this forest is publicly owned - for example, by the USDA Forest Service and the National…