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2023-2024 GradCAMP Speaker Series

GradCAMP is a cohort of 20 graduate students studying working lands in the Northeast who are interested in incorporating climate justice and equity into their existing research. The following recordings are speakers with expertise on environmental and climate justice who presented directly to the GradCAMP scholars.


  • Dr. Daniel Faber

    Daniel Faber is Professor of Sociology at Northeastern University and Senior Research Fellow at the Global Center for Climate Justice (GCCJ). He is also Director of the Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative (NEJRC). His research is focused in the areas of political economy and crisis theory, environmental sociology and policy, climate justice, social movements, classical and contemporary social theory, environmental justice, philanthropy, Central America and underdevelopment, and globalization.

  • Tagan Engel

    Tagan Engel has over 25 years of experience in reshaping local and regional food systems, developing digital communications, inspiring community organization and engagement, and innovating beyond traditional business models. Tagan is deeply connected to local and national networks. She centers her work on active listening, redistributing power and resources, and building understanding across communities and sectors to support transformational change.

  • Dr. Kristin Reynolds

    Dr. Kristin Reynolds is Chair and Assistant Professor of Food Studies at The New School in New York City. As a geographer with expertise in international agricultural development, she is interested in understanding how uneven power dynamics in the food system originate and articulate at different community and geopolitical scales. Using critical and participatory action research, her work focuses on informing the creation of more socially just food systems through scholarship, policy, and activism.

  • Dr. Maya Gislason

    Dr. Maya K. Gislason is an associate professor at Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar, and the founder of the Research for Equitable Ecosocial Transformation (RESET) team at SFU. She is a Principal Investigator on several projects and research programs centered on health equity and climate change.

  • Dr. Michael Mendez

    Dr. Michael Méndez is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning and Policy at the University of California, Irvine, an Andrew Carnegie Fellow, and a Visiting Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). His latest research focuses on climate-induced disasters and social vulnerability.

  • Gerald Torres

    Gerald Torres is Professor of Environmental Justice at the Yale School of the Environment, with a secondary appointment as Professor of Law at the Law School. Torres has spent his career examining the intrinsic connections between the environment, agricultural and food systems, and social justice. His research into how race and ethnicity impact environmental policy has been influential in the emergence and evolution of the field of environmental justice.

  • Dr. Nicolas Zegre

    Nicolas Zegre is an Associate Professor of Hydrology and director of the Mountain Hydrology Laboratory at West Virginia University. His research, teaching, and scholarship focus broadly on sustainability issues at the intersection of water, climate, and people, and more specifically on the implications of climate and environmental change on water, watersheds, and communities in the Appalachian Mountains region.