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Weathering the Change: Helping Farmers Help the Land through Climate Smart Farming

“Weathering the Change” is an eight-part educational video series that talks about what changes are happening in the Northeast and why.

It also addresses what farmers can do to be resilient to those changes. Two prime responses are to improve soil health and biological diversity. Within the videos, resources for farmers to implement climate smart agriculture on the farm are provided. The series was created by Elizabeth Marks, biologist with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in New York, in conjunction with the USDA Northeast Climate Hub.

  • Part 1

    Intro to Climate Change, Climate Smart Agriculture and How to Talk About Climate Change

    An introduction to the concepts of climate smart agriculture and forestry and and how to talk about climate change.

  • Part 2

    Climate Changes by State

    Learn about the changes and trends are happening in your home state. Note: CT at 0:47; DE at 2:47, ME at 4:16; MD at 6:48; MA at 8:34; NH at 10:29; NJ at 11:47; NY at 12:51; PA at15:17; RI at 16:29; VT at 18:28; WV at 20:07

  • Part 3

    Why These Changes are Happening and Reasons for Hope

    An overview of why climate change is happening and some reasons to be hopeful, despite the seemingly overwhelming changes.

  • Part 4

    Addressing Landscape Vulnerability When Planning the Climate Smart Farm

    Learn about the benefits of converting marginal lands from annual production to perennial systems.

  • Part 5

    Improving Soil Health as an Adaptation to Climate Change

    Improving soil health on the farm can help farmers be more resilient to climate change such as increased temperatures, increased rainfall, increased intensity of rainfall and increased drought.

  • Part 6

    Increasing the Health and Diversity of Biological Communities Above and Below Ground

    Healthy biological communities above and below ground are important and act as an adaptation strategy to climate change.

  • Part 7

    Considerations for Livestock Farmers

    Strategies for livestock owners that can help them adapt to the changes in weather we've been experiencing.

  • Part 8

    Funding and Technical Assistance Resources

    The USDA provides numerous resources for producers and landowners to adapt their farm to climate change.