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Elizabeth Marks

Elizabeth Marks serves as a biologist for the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service in the Hudson Valley (New York).

A certified Holistic Management educator, she works with landowners to improve soil health and biological diversity on their farm and forest. Elizabeth received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Mount Holyoke College and attended King’s College London. She lives in Chatham, NY in a net-zero, energy efficient home she designed herself.

In her 2020 detail as Northeast Climate Hub liaison to NRCS, Elizabeth created a video series called “Weathering the Change.” The videos explain what changes are happening in the Northeast and why. It also addresses what farmers can do to be resilient to those changes; two prime responses are to improve soil health and biological diversity. 

Featured Work


Elizabeth Marks, NRCS Project Liaison to the Northeast Climate Hubs


  • Biologist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • 2020 NRCS Project Liaison


USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service


1024 State Route 66
Ghent, NY 12075

Phone Number

(518) 267-3310


Focus Area

  • Soil health
  • Climate smart farming
  • Improving working lands for wildlife