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The tools presented below represent a portion of the tools available for the climate, agriculture and forestry sectors. The tools range from specialized calculators to maps, models and datasets estimating a variety of outputs (e.g., crop production, greenhouse gas flux, and species distribution). Certain tools may be more relevant to land managers to aid in year-to-year decision-making, while others are more useful for researchers studying agriculture and climate change. Keep in mind that all tools have limitations and make assumptions that may not be appropriate for an entity’s climate/region/crop/soil type. USDA does not endorse the tools presented below. The tool list is provided for informational purposes only, and is not exhaustive.
  • AgroClimate Growing Degree Days Calculator

    Green Tomatoes

    GDD are a measure of heat accumulation used by horticulturists, gardeners, and farmers to predict plant and pest development rates such as the date that a flower will bloom or a crop reach maturity. This tool calculates…

  • AgroClimate Crop Yield Statistics

    AgroClimate Crop Yield Statistics Webpage

    Crop yield tools are designed to help users investigate the effects of climate on crop yield and development. They are based both on historical yield records and crop model simulations. This tool provides historic…

  • AgroClimate Citrus Copper Application Scheduler

    Bowl of oranges

    The Citrus Copper Application Scheduler monitors rainfall and predicts the level of copper residue available for disease control. The information is displayed graphically as well as in a table that lists the details and…

  • AgroClimate Citrus Advisory System

    AgroClimate Citrus Advisory System Webpage

    Provides map of current post bloom fruit drop risk, and recommendations for fungicide applications based on user-defined location, flowering intensity and development, and application history.

  • AgroClimate Chill Hours Monitoring

    AgroClimate Chill Hours Monitoring Webpage

    The chilling requirement of a fruit is the minimum period of cold weather after which a fruit-bearing tree will blossom. It is often expressed in chill hours. This tool displays a map of accumulated chill hours based on…