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The tools presented below represent a portion of the tools available for the climate, agriculture and forestry sectors. The tools range from specialized calculators to maps, models and datasets estimating a variety of outputs (e.g., crop production, greenhouse gas flux, and species distribution). Certain tools may be more relevant to land managers to aid in year-to-year decision-making, while others are more useful for researchers studying agriculture and climate change. Keep in mind that all tools have limitations and make assumptions that may not be appropriate for an entity’s climate/region/crop/soil type. USDA does not endorse the tools presented below. The tool list is provided for informational purposes only, and is not exhaustive.
  • ClimateBC/WNA/NA

    screenshot from tool

    A program to generate high-resolution climate data for climate change studies and applications in British Columbia and western North America.


    screenshot from MyPests Page Risk index for plant disease

    A collection of agricultural pest tools to assist with reducing crop loss due to pests, weeds or disease.

  • Prism Climate Group

    Prism Data Explorer screenshot from tool website

    Provides climate data and develop spatial climate data sets to reveal short-term and long-term climate patterns for the continental United States.

  • Forest Vegetation Simulator

    FVS logo

    The Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) is a family of forest growth simulation models that allow a user to explore how silvicultural treatments may affect growth and yield (and, therefore, carbon stocks).

  • Climate Change Tree Atlas & Bird Atlas

    Map of current white oak distribution from Tree Atlas

    The Climate Change Atlas can be used to examine the current distribution of tree and bird habitats in the eastern United States, and how these habitat distributions might change in response to different climate…

  • Climate mapper

    Climate mapper

    The Climate mapper provides a series of maps for relevant climate and hydrology information from past conditions and for projected future conditions across the United States to assist with decisions related to…

  • Ogallala Agro-Climate Tool

    screenshot from tool

    The application's meteorological database consists of daily precipitation and temperature data from 141 U.S. Historical Climatology Network stations during 1976-2005