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The tools presented below represent a portion of the tools available for the climate, agriculture and forestry sectors. The tools range from specialized calculators to maps, models and datasets estimating a variety of outputs (e.g., crop production, greenhouse gas flux, and species distribution). Certain tools may be more relevant to land managers to aid in year-to-year decision-making, while others are more useful for researchers studying agriculture and climate change. Keep in mind that all tools have limitations and make assumptions that may not be appropriate for an entity’s climate/region/crop/soil type. USDA does not endorse the tools presented below. The tool list is provided for informational purposes only, and is not exhaustive.
  • Climate Resilience Toolkit

    US Climate Resilience Toolkit

    With hundreds of tools in its library, the Toolkit offers a wide range of climate related tools ranging from climate data and projections to frameworks for making climate-conscious decisions for agricultural and forest…

  • Southeastern Forests and Climate Change

    Cover image of Project Learning Tree's Southeastern Forests and Climate Change

    Module to help educators in the Southeast teach about climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, the role of forests in sequestering carbon, and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to…

  • LandPKS

    Ag Extension Agent in Tanzania learning how to use LandPKS

    LandPKS is a free modular mobile phone app connected to cloud-based storage, global databases, and models. It is comprised of three different modules: LandInfo, LandCover and LandManagement, with more modules planned…

  • Coastal Observer

    Coastal Observer App Poster

    As tides rise and storms intensify, humans adapt to the changing environment. Understanding local impacts to the coast increases resiliency. The Coastal Observer App encourages citizens to monitor weather and water. The…

  • Climate-wise Reforestation Toolkit

    The toolkit has three (features): a prioritization tool, a drought stand condition tool and climate-wise BMPs.

    The tools and resources in the Climate-wise reforestation toolkit, 1. Reforestation Prioritization Tool, 2. Post-drought Stand Condition Tool, and 3. Best Management Practices (BMPs): can be used along with site visits…