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Management Actions from the Northeast Hub Region

  • The Climate Learning Forum


    The goal of the Climate Learning Forum is to bring together the diversity of perspectives and voices of agricultural and forestry service providers in order to collaboratively advance climate…

  • Considering Climate Change in Tree Planting

    Tree seedlings in bucket

    This guide provides a step-by-step process to help you consider climate change when selecting a tree for planting at a site and provides a framework to help learn about the projected habitat…

  • Turn the Tap: A Focus on Soil Moisture Education

    Researchers set up on-farm soil moisture monitoring with drip irrigation

    To help farmers improve their irrigation efficiency and gain greater knowledge on how to monitor soil moisture conditions, two fact sheets were crafted to give overview of soil moisture monitoring,…

  • Farming on a Saltier Coast

    Salt tolerant buffer strip of Eastern gamagrass

    A new report by NOAA provides updated predictions on the rate of sea level rise within the United States. When coupled with extreme tides and more frequent, intense storms, rising sea level is…