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David Hollinger

Dr. David Hollinger provides expertise on the impacts of a changing climate on agriculture and forests in the Northeast, and ways for landowners to increase climate resilience.

He is a Supervisory Plant Physiologist for the USDA Forest Service and Team Leader within the Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences group of the Northern Research Station. His recent research interests include cost-effective and practical responses to changing climatic conditions in forests and on farms across the northeastern United States. He has led long-term research into impacts of climate on forest growth and water-use at the Howland forest in Maine and helped found the AmeriFlux network of research sites. He received a B.A. in Biology from Dartmouth College in 1977, and a Ph.D. in Ecophysiology from Stanford University in 1984.

Featured Work


Hristov, A.N., Degaetano, A.T., Rotz, C.A., Hoberg, E., Skinner, R.H., Felix, T., Li, H., Patterson, P.H., Roth, G., Hall, M., Ott, T.L., Baumgard, L.H., Staniar, W., Hulet, R.M., Dell, C.J., Brito, A.F. and Hollinger D.Y., 2018. Climate change effects on livestock in the Northeast US and strategies for adaptation. Climatic change, 146(1-2), pp.33-45.

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Tobin, D., Janowiak, M., Hollinger, D.Y., Skinner, R.H., Steele, R. and Radhakrishna, R., 2015. Northeast regional climate hub assessment of climate change vulnerability and adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Dr. David Hollinger


  • Collaborating Scientist/Researcher, USDA Northeast Climate Hub
  • Supervisory Physiologist, Northern Research Station, U.S. Forest Service
  • Adjunct Professor, University of New Hampshire


U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station


271 Mast Road, Durham, NH

Phone Number



Focus Area

  • Climate Impacts on Plant Growth
  • Agricultural and Forest Vulnerabilities
  • Forest Carbon Storage