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Research & Data from the Northeast Hub Region

  • Forest Climate Indicators

    View of the Hiawatha National forest in Michigan. USDA photo by J. Knowlton.

    The Forest Climate Indicators project seeks to increase the availability of actionable climate change indicators via interactive online tools to support forest management and planning. The project…

  • Turn the Tap: A Focus on Soil Moisture Education

    Researchers set up on-farm soil moisture monitoring with drip irrigation

    To help farmers improve their irrigation efficiency and gain greater knowledge on how to monitor soil moisture conditions, two fact sheets were crafted to give overview of soil moisture monitoring,…

  • Climate Warming brings Earlier Spring

    Forest scene at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest.

    As we all enjoy the arrival of spring, it is important to understand the direct and indirect impacts of changes in the seasons in order to wisely care for the managed and unmanaged ecosystems of the…