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Water Topics from the Northeast Hub Region

  • Considering Climate Change in Tree Planting

    Tree seedlings in bucket

    This guide provides a step-by-step process to help you consider climate change when selecting a tree for planting at a site and provides a framework to help learn about the projected habitat…

  • Climate Change Impacts to Coastal Forests

     A ghost forest of standing dead tree trunks dominate this landscape of a recently killed coastal forest along the Bass River in New Jersey. Note also the dead and down trunks of an earlier forest that was buried in the marsh sediment and is now exposed along the creek edge. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Walker

    Rising sea levels and intense storms along the mid-Atlantic and southern New England coast are damaging and killing coastal forests. Studies document signs of stress and dieback, resulting in “ghost…

  • Adapting outdoor recreation to climate change

    North Country Trail Huron Manistee National Forest

    Climate change will alter the dynamics of outdoor recreation and the infrastructure that supports it in a number of ways, climate adaptation strategies and approaches can help managers thoughtfully…

  • Storms and Stream-Crossings

    A newly constructed stream simulation culvert on the George Washington National Forest.

    Stream-crossings have a lower risk of failure if designed appropriately for the stream, and with consideration of current and future regional climate conditions. Careful evaluation of structure size…