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Navigating the Northwest Climate Hub Webpage

Welcome to the USDA Northwest Climate Hub! This guide will help you navigate our website and find the information you want.

How to navigate

When you enter our homepage, you can see three horizontal bars at the very top. The top white bar provides national content. The blue bar directs you to each of the 10 Regional Hubs and our International Hub as well as topics, climate impacts, and action & resources from ‘ALL’ 11 Climate Hubs. The grey bar directs you to information specific to the Northwest Climate Hub.

image of the top navigation bar of the Climate Hubs


Focusing on the Northwest

Choosing options in the gray tool bar leads you to information relevant to the Northwest Climate Hub region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington). If you navigate away from the Northwest Hub (gray bar will not lead with ‘Northwest Climate Hub’) and want to get back, you can click on in the blue bar and then click on Northwest in the dropdown menu.

image of the grey bar on the top of the Northwest Climate Hub pages


Provides a brief introduction to the Northwest Climate Hub, information about the staff, and how to contact us.


Has a collection of articles that summarizes information on climate change in the Northwest. Articles provide background information for the topics listed below.



Carbon and Greenhouse Gases

Climate Science



Education (K-12)

Forests & Woodlands

Grazing Lands

Rural & Urban Communities



Climate impacts

Provides information on climate change impacts in the Northwest Climate Hub region. There are three options: 1) Seasonal Shifts includes articles focused on wild huckleberries and crops; 2) Disturbance includes articles on wildfire, wildfire smoke, and feral swine, and 3) Extreme Weather includes information about drought.

Seasonal Shifts


Extreme Weather

Actions & Resources

Provides information on management actions that can be taken, and the resources needed to inform those actions. Includes vulnerability assessments, adaptation plans, demonstrations of management actions, and tools and resources to support decision making.


Management Actions


Adaptation in Action

Research & Data

Emergency Resources



Is where you will find our monthly newsletter.

Landing page

The Northwest Climate Hub landing page has several Featured Articles to explore. At the top of the page is the main featured article plus other feature articles in three panels. These articles change about every two weeks, highlighting relevant information. Next is a list of Upcoming Events hosted by the Northwest Climate Hub. Next, Recent Additions show the most recently published content. You can view all recent articles by clicking on “View All” at the bottom of this section.

screenshot of Northwest Climate Hub landing page


The links at the very bottom of the page connect to national level information.


screenshot of the very bottom of the Northwest Climate Hub landing page that shows the sitemap