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Demonstrations from the Northeast Hub Region

  • UMES Permeable Reactive Barriers

    Gypsum curtain scene from virtual tour

    Heavy rain events are increasing across the Northeast, which can result in more nutrient leaching on farms. At UMES, researchers are studying permeable reactive barriers. Results from the research…

  • UMaine’s Highmoor Farm

    David Handley, Vegetable and Small Fruit Specialist at the University of Maine, takes a closer look at the grapes

    Maine is a state known for its long, cold winters and short growing season, but changes in climate are disrupting this norm. Many growers across the state have already started to experience the trend…

  • Blueberries, Pollinators, and Pests with WVU

    Hill top view of McConnell Berry Farm

    Crops and their pollinators are being affected by increasing temperatures. Researchers at West Virginia University are studying the effects and are looking for ways to reduce the impacts of climate…

  • Storms and Stream-Crossings

    A newly constructed stream simulation culvert on the George Washington National Forest.

    Stream-crossings have a lower risk of failure if designed appropriately for the stream, and with consideration of current and future regional climate conditions. Careful evaluation of structure size…

  • Yale-Myers Forest Orchard

    scene from yale-myers forest orchard virtual tour

    A small-scale agroforestry system addresses pests, weeds, drought, and erosion in a diverse orchard.

  • UVM Dairy Farming Research

    UVM research team at a cattle farm in Williston, VT

    Research at dairy farms in Vermont shows how management practices can affect water quality, economics, and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Woodman Horticultural Research Farm at UNH

    Iago Hale stands next to his kiwiberry vines

    Check out the research taking place at this New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station farm. Experiments range from establishing beneficial plant habitats and wildflower meadows to running cold…

  • UMass Permaculture

    Bershire Gardens at University of Massachusetts Amherst

    The University of Massachusetts is leading the way in sustainability by growing food at five permaculture gardens on campus. The gardens educate students and the public about sequestering carbon and…

  • Irrigation Research at UD

    A view at the University of Delaware's Warrington Irrigation Research Farm

    At the University of Delaware's Warrington Irrigation Research Farm in Harbeson, Delaware, researchers are improving irrigation to boost crop yields and manage soil and water resources.