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Morgan Lawrence

As an ORISE Climate Change Communications Fellow, Morgan Lawrence translates climate science and develops communication materials related to climate change in forestry, agriculture, and rangelands. Prior to working at the Northwest Climate Hub, Morgan worked for four years as a wildland firefighter throughout the American West, and for three years as an environmental educator in Rocky Mountain and Denali National Parks. Morgan holds a Master's of Science degree in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah, where she researched the effects of anthropogenic alterations and climate change on the Great Salt Lake ecosystem.

Featured Work

Morgan Lawrence smiling above the Grand Canyon.


  • ORISE Climate Change Communications Fellow


USDA Northwest Climate Hub, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education


USDA Forest Service
Pacific Northwest Research Station - Olympia Forestry Sciences Laboratory
3625 93rd Ave. SW
Olympia, WA 98512

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Focus Area

  • Climate Communication
  • Climate-Fire Interactions
  • Climate Change Education